Voting, a Dialogue

I would vote for whoever is less left leaning.

That’s way too vague for me. Basically everyone is left leaning. Do you have any dealbreakers?

No, not when the choice is between somebody who will put right wing people on the Supreme Court vs. someone who will put left wing people on the Supreme Court.

That’s not the choice, though. You can vote for somebody who you believe will put the country on the actual right track, not just slow the decline.

But they’ll never win!

You have one vote. One. Your vote, alone, is not going to make a difference.

That’s ridiculous!

Why? It’s literally true.

What if everyone thought that way?

Then we wouldn’t be in this mess, because instead of making compromises we’d all have voted for who we think is actually the best person to lead the country.

Well then, why vote at all?

A vote is indeed your say, however small, in making it known who YOU best think will be the leader we need. Therefore the vote means the most to YOU, not the country. To the country you are literally statistically irrelevant, but to yourself you are expressing what values YOU consider sacrosanct.

But you’re willing to make compromises!

This is true, on certain issues. But there are matters of principle I will not budge on. This is because I don’t think a leader who supports these issues is actually best for the country.

Principles such as?

Quick, off the top of my head, not necessarily everything, just off the cuff ones: The candidate must be pro-life. The candidate must be a Christian (yes, really; we’ll get to that). The candidate must oppose letting in any refugee or illegal immigrant who wants to show up.

Wait wait wait. Must be Christian?

Of course. We were a nation founded on Christian principles, and it’s why once upon a time we were great (debateably, I suppose, but let’s put a pin in that for a whole other discussion). America without a Christian leader is headed only for disaster.

Even if, say, a Jew is ultra conservative and shares all of the same values as a Christian?

Even then. A vote for a Jewish (I mean a non-Christian Jew here, not a Messianic Jew) President is equivalent to me admitting that I no longer believe Christianity was actually important to our country’s success; that it could have flourished just as well under another religion and that our national character was never distinctly Christian. I do not believe that.

What do you think a Jew would do differently?

You seem rather fixated on Jews here, but whatever, sure. A principled Jew would probably not actually do much differently themselves, but a leader is more than just his policies. A leader is a symbol, and it means we are signaling to the world that Christianity is no longer important to us. What do you think this will pave the way towards?

What if this guy would pick principled, conservative Supreme Court justices but Hilary wouldn’t?

Let’s rewind here. Those are not our only choices.

But in theory what if it WAS between those two choices?

You’re missing my point. It never is. Don’t vote for either if it gets to that point, or else back somebody who is Christian and who you think will lead the country in a good direction.

But that guy will never win!

No, he won’t, if we continue thinking like this. Why do you insist on continuing to think like this? Incidentally we’re moving towards inherent issues in voting, but we’ll get back to that.

You’re not going to change how the rest of the world thinks, so you’re willing to just waste your vote then?

My vote already means nothing to the overall result, remember? Statistically it is insignificant.

That’s absurd.

It’s really, really, really not.

So why vote?

See above.

If everyone thought like you, we’d have leftist supreme court justices.

If everyone thought like me we wouldn’t be voting for compromise candidates to staunch the bleeding in the first case and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

So you would be willing to just let a leftist in who would fill the court with leftist justices?

You’re still not listening. No matter what I do in the voting booth, it won’t make a difference to the overall result. Therefore I will throw my support behind a man who I think is going to move the country in the right direction and will get results for me when elected. Trump fit this criteria, at least at the time. He was someone I thought would do better at getting results than other candidates, actually stood up to would be bullies, and yes, did not have any of my dealbreakers.

What if the election came down to a conservative Jew and a leftist?

Man, you really are fixated on Jews, huh? Then I wouldn’t vote.

So you are effectively saying you’d prefer a leftist get in than a Jew. After all, if everyone thought like you then they would avoid voting on principle and the leftist would get in.

Actually, if everyone thought like me we wouldn’t be in that situation in the first place.

But what if we’re already there!

Why would I grant that premise? Sure we’ll probably get there, but only because you’re not thinking like me at all. Once we’re at that point I’m going to continue to stick to my principles.

You’re the reason conservatives keep losing elections.


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  1. William Luse says:


  2. Scholar-at-Arms says:

    This is still quite good. I’ll probably re-visit and share it next year, when the drumbeat begins in earnest.

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