A Point of Order

I always find it a little amusing when people try to impute “sides” on me, and I find that the “side” people think I am on tends to be shaped by their own pre-existing opinions.

My last post was not written either as an anti or as a pro Vox Day manifesto. The truth is that I agree with Vox on some things and disagree on others. Similarly with John C. Wright, though to many people’s surprise I probably agree with him on less. Professionally Vox has treated me extremely well and I owe him much.

I have also expressed my dislike of Christian support of pick up artists, which leads certain people to think that I am implicitly siding with feminist criticisms of PUAs, when I am of course doing no such thing.

Now, for those who read Vox, he is currently doing a thorough takedown of Jordan Peterson. I like Peterson, but I’m not too fussed by this. The truth is that what I like about him is orthogonal to Vox’s specific criticisms of him. He is good at discussing certain topics, good at exposing hard core feminists, good at common sense life advice, and has interesting cultural and mythical analyses.

But he is a Canadian academic, and not a Christian like Dr. Feser. To me it was quite obvious that we had to read him with caveats in mind. Nothing Vox is saying has convinced me that my initial reasons to listening to Peterson were ill-founded.

Perhaps in that sense where I disagree with Vox is that I consider it very possible that intelligent and honest people can still be extremely wrong on certain issues. Peterson believes a lot of things I consider very wrong, but I also don’t see a reason to think he’s a liar.

I’m not going anywhere sith this. Just shouting out a few points into the ether.

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6 Responses to A Point of Order

  1. James says:

    I know I’m coming in late in the game and out of context, but what in the world is a “Christian pick up artist?”

  2. GJ says:

    Vox is doing good. There are many disaffected young males, who are alienated from the culture, and groping blindly for some virtue they don’t know anything about.

    Peterson’s role is to divert them away from Christianity. One is inclined to call this satanic.

  3. GJ says:

    Vox is using dialectic to attack one of the best living rhetoricians. Maybe he should read Aristotle.

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