My Governmental Philosophy

First off, a happy Thanksgiving to you all. Second off, nothing prompted this specifically. Just happened to be on my mind.

I describe myself to people as a Tolkienite. Tolkien called himself an anarcho-monarchist; his idea was basically that the government’s job was to leave well enough alone until it absolutely had to, and the form of government that he saw had the least potential for meddling was monarchy. Think extreme subsidiarity.

I am not an anarcho-MONARCHIST, but I am a believer in extreme subsidiarity. My governmental philosophy can be described as “let the lowest level of authority handle things until a higher level of authority has to intervene”. Whether the monarchy is the absolute best form  of government for this philosophy I am too uninformed to say, but I can imagine most forms of government can be structured this way if properly constructed; were I British I’d probably be a monarchist.

So that’s that. It’s simplistic, but the details will all stem from that base.

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2 Responses to My Governmental Philosophy

  1. John says:

    Austrian monarchist Kuehnelt-Leddihn mentioned this exact same idea of how a monarchy was best suited for extreme subsidiarity by pointing out how the demand for liberty is actually about how to govern rather than by whom to govern and how monarchy is thus truly liberal in this sense while democracy, due to it’s inherent belief in equality, will enforce itself and it can easily become totalitarian (which is why he believed that Nazism was actually left-wing due to it’s nationalism, preference for democratic revolution and socialism).

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So you’re a Burkean federalist like me and Jonah Goldberg.

    My only issue with the kings vs not (in so much as I care) is that it appears a lot people seem to assume that limitations of the time and technology as intrinsic to the system itself. Which is the big error.

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