Or you can just read Dr. Feser

Better timing I cannot imagine.

Brilliant, as always. Some choice quotes:

“Surely you’re not against liberty, equality, and fraternity?!” you ask.  Well, no, not necessarily – depending on what you mean by those terms.  The trouble is that though some of the ideas that commonly go under those labels are good, others are very bad.  But the good and bad frequently get mixed together, so that it is assumed that if you accept liberty, equality, or fraternity in one sense, you have to accept them in the other senses as well.

If you must have three words or phrases that sum up the natural law position, they would, I suppose, be: subsidiaritysolidarity; and family and patriotism.  Liberty, equality, and fraternity as usually understood are distortions of these three.

Read the whole thing and assume I agree with all of it.

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2 Responses to Or you can just read Dr. Feser

  1. Servant of the Chief says:

    Malcolm, sorry in advance for the unrelated comment, I am not an arthurian as much as other people but on a whim I googled Arthur’s conquest of Ireland because I read in wikipedia a long time ago he is purported to have went on to have conquered far off places including Ireland after pacifying Britain (As you do) and was reminded of it having been reading Wright’s Moth and Cobweb series. I was also reminded of your endeavours to write your own Arthurian work so I thought I’d make you aware of this for a useful, if somewhat far fetched connection: http://darkagehistory.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/king-arthur-in-irish-pseudo-historical.html

    For my part, I had not the foggist idea there even was an Irish equivalent to the Arthur myth and legend but, well, with the traditional rivalry between the Welsh, Bretons and Irish for poetry its probably not too unlikely there’d be crossovers.

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