Totally Not a Feminist Movie

I apologize a bit for the snark; people I know who are smart, who are Christian, who I respect, and who think quite a bit like I used to (and assuredly still do on certain things) love and defend “Wonder Woman”.

But, yeah, I’m going to mock it and arguments defending it, because it deserves to be mocked.

With that said:

But it’s totally not a feminist movie you guys.

(If you want to have a laugh, look up Patty Jenkins’ first movie, and then look at *this* movie, and ask yourself again why people are thinking of her as a “woman director” first. Why, it must be sexism, surely!)

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1 Response to Totally Not a Feminist Movie

  1. Kevin Stuart Lee says:

    “But at the moment the world is still preoccupied with the fact that I’m a woman director.”

    No, your social circle is. I don’t care so long as you produce a good movie. Since she has made her sex the center of the matter, however, she’ll have to accept the consequences.

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