So That Healthcare Debate

Hopefully Bernie’s got good healthcare, because the beating he’s taking is savage.

Seriously, if there was ever any doubt Bernie was actually a clown, this should hopefully clear that up.

Also, this should really end any ideas that Bernie is really a “nice guy”. Just listen to the contempt he has for the middle class dripping off of every sentence. Yeesh.

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4 Responses to So That Healthcare Debate

  1. Jakeithus says:

    Ted Cruz aka the owner of Tedspin aka the Zodiac Killer is at it again.

  2. Crude says:

    I haven’t watched this, but I heard it was brutal. Apparently against more traditional and predictable people (anyone not Trump) Cruz is not to be taken lightly in debate.

    • Cruz did a great job, but it wasn’t just him. Bernie didn’t seem as if he knew anything more than the most basic facts, and his contempt for the middle class was palpable. The highlight of the debate was when a lady with a 50 employee business asked him how she was supposed to afford insurance without firing people or lowering paychecks, and he answered “Well, you’re not gonna like this, but you kind of have to get them insurance, soooooo…”

  3. John says:

    Kinda makes you wonder what would have happened if Cruz and Sanders were the candidates of their respective parties, not Hillary and Trump.

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