A Quick Note

Earlier I gave my brief piece on lust vs. eros and what that means, and the correlation from there is that this is in some ways a Protestant/Catholic divide. And so, if that thread was anything to go by, it tends to be.

But – and some people may not like this – this seems, to me, to stem from a misunderstanding of what Catholics traditionally mean when they use the world “lust” as opposed to erotic love or something of that nature.

Take this link. It’s long and well-written enough, but the conclusion it comes to by the end is actually already strikingly similar to the traditional interpretation of that verse already! The misinterpretation arose when the nuance was lost in the distinction between lust/eros – a distinction I had already learned by my senior year Catholic theology class.

Just a thought.

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4 Responses to A Quick Note

  1. Chad says:

    Yup. I’ve noticed that about Dalrocks statements of Catholic doctrine. The

  2. Chad says:

    Whoops – continued from above

    The man is brilliant when interpreting modern theology, but doesn’t understand that the proper moderation of physical desire is the goal of marriage. If a man lusts after his wife so much that he ngelects God, work, or any other duty, that is a sin. Interpretation of fathers of The Church must be in that light, but he’s so caught up in pursuit of liberty in marriage that he misses it

    • Mike T says:

      IIRC, Matt Walsh once advised men that if they’re getting it from their wife once every several weeks (like 4-6 weeks), that’s not a sign their marriage is unhealthy (assuming healthy adults who are not being worked into the ground). I suspect a lot of “Christian leaders” would agree and shame men for thinking that less than a dozen times a year is a very rotten deal.

      • Chad says:

        Now that’s equally as absurd. If a woman does not pay her debt it is a sin, and no amount of excuses involving anything less than grave matter get her out of an obligation involving grave matter.

        That lickspittle men err one way doesn’t mean that men should advocate errors in the opposite direction

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