Radio Silence

Outside of possibly a very brief reaction post after the election, I’ll be going into radio silence for awhile. Coming up this week I have several major projects due for classes within the next couple of weeks, and while I’m not actually behind on anything the volume has caused a brief moment of panic. This means radio silence in comments, if you find any of my stuff, and Superversive SF, outside of whatever I’ve posted already today.

If you like my writing (and thank you for that), feel free to read my backlog on Superversive SF if you haven’t, where I’ve been pretty active (I’m not a curmudgeon ALL the time. Sometimes I just want to write about shows I like and way cool comic book movies), and react to my posts there. I also have a few posts out on the Castalia House blog (along with my colleague Josh Young, who’s a terrific up and coming writer you should keep your eye on), and with luck relatively soon the anthology “Tales of the Once and Future King” will be coming out.

Peace to all of you, for now. I may start posting more in a couple of weeks, or maybe not. Either way, I’ll be back.

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