Impressions before election day

  • People who think Bernie voters might not go against Trump don’t talk to enough Bernie supporters. Bernie supporters tend to be millennials. As a millennial, let me tell you the millennial-Bernie-supporter perspective: They HATE Trump. Hate. Trump. Hate him. You know the whole “literally Hitler” thing? That’s them. And they believe it, from the bottom of their hearts. Imagine an election between your typical corrupt American politician who nevertheless more or less agrees with your views vs. Josef Stalin and you get an idea of how Bernie guys view this election. Bernie people are not going to sit it out against Trump unless we get a video of Clinton saying “Fuck Bernie supporters”, and it would need to be a VIDEO. My guess is that more millennials will be out for this election than ever before, and most will go for Grandma Abortion Witch. But this is all anecdotal.
  • Got to laugh at the reports of a “disturbance” at Trump’s rally where a man with a gun rushed the stage. I thought those were called assassination attempts, but what do I know?
  • The Podesta spirit cooking thing does nothing itself (who cares about Podesta anyway, and frankly it just sounds silly and ridiculous), but it does play a role in adding yet another piece to the “Come on, Clinton is clearly a corrupt piece of shit surrounding herself with even more horrible people” fodder. I doubt the worst of the rumors are actually true (not that I’d be shocked either). I also think it doesn’t matter; the smoke is getting so thick people are going to assume a fire whether or not they can see it, and they’re quite right.
  • Not that we need anything else – what we KNOW about Clinton is quite bad enough.
  • The race is indeed tightening. Do I think Trump will win? No idea. It’s certainly possible. I highly doubt a Trumpslide, though. I’d imagine it more likely that the race is going to be incredibly close.
  • Honestly, I’m FAR more excited about seeing “Dr. Strange” in IMAX tomorrow than I am election day. The special effects promise to be incredible.

Of course, all of this Clinton stuff isn’t NEARLY as bad as the time Trump called a slut who drove the getaway car in a murder fat once, and maybe groped people. That’s the absolute height of evil.

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5 Responses to Impressions before election day

  1. John says:

    ”The Podesta spirit cooking thing does nothing itself”

    There is anecdotal evidence of Christian Hillary supporters changing their minds becaus of Spirit Cooking.

    That scandal could also be effective with Hispanics and Blacks who hate that kind of stuff.

    You may see Sunday Church homilies and speeches by Protestant pastors denouncing Hillary because of this, giving more votes to Trump and/or less to Hillary.

  2. John says:

    Basically, we cannot discount Spirit Cooking just yet.

    It does indeed have an effect, but the size of it is what is debatable.

  3. John says:

    Also, Wikileaks released an email which shows Bernie signed a non-agression pact with Hillary which basically prooves Bernie wasn’t an actual serious opposition.

    Do you think that this could be enough to sway some Bernie voters?

    There is also evidence that Vermont is not going to go to Hillary as many may vote for Bernie via write-in ballot, giving the state to a third-party or even better Trump.

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