Comey Pussies Out

And Hillary is thrown a last minute lifeline.

Here is my read:

  • None of the leaks seemed particularly bad. Yes, yes, lots of corrupt stuff, but outside of “Spirit Cooking”, which just sounds silly and doesn’t actually involve Hillary anyway, we have conspiracy theories and levels of corruption everyone already assumed about her anyway. Keep in mind my wording: Seemed. Obviously a lot was actually alarming, but it all looks at first glance, without actually reading the e-mails personally (as most people won’t), like much ado about nothing.
  • The CNN story will be “Hillary is investigated by political enemies with an agenda and is cleared before election day despite the whole world on a witch hunt against her”. Will that stick with people? I honestly have no clue. But mark my words, that’s the new spin.
  • What happened with Comey? No clue. I originally agreed with Vox that the idea that the democrats were manipulating this to make Hilary look better was stupid, but I’m having trouble coming up with another explanation that makes any sense.
  • How will this affect the election? I honestly don’t know. It can’t be bad for Hilary. With the trends going towards Trump, it might throw her a lifeline. Or maybe not! We’ll see, but it’s certainly not GOOD news for Trump.

What a slimy coward.

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9 Responses to Comey Pussies Out

  1. Crude says:

    I originally agreed with Vox that the idea that the democrats were manipulating this to make Hilary look better was stupid, but I’m having trouble coming up with another explanation that makes any sense.

    I think that’s still clearly stupid. If their master plan was ‘bring up what was for many people a settled issue that makes Hillary look bad, thrust it into the limelight again and remind everyone about it, prompting her to collapse across the polls BUT maybe at the last minute they’ll try to reverse it’, it’s inane. It’s the equivalent of doing an own goal during a close game in the hopes of psyching out the opposing team.

    It may well be that there’s multiple factions pushing and pressuring, and people are reacting to it as best they can. But few are going to go ‘Oh they investigated her at the last minute and cleared her again, I guess she really IS innocent’. Comey’s original decision not to charge her was widely seen as absolutely corrupt and an act of cowardice.

    My guess is many people are going to respond, oddly enough, exactly the way you did: “Of course she’s guilty. Comey didn’t charge because he’s a fucking pussy.”

    • You’re probably right. I’m still struggling to figure out what the Hell happened here. The only thing I could think of is that the e-mail thing was so obviously over the line that Comey HAD to do something but tried to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. It makes him look like an inane wimp, but clearly we’re not talking about a man with integrity here.

  2. verbosestoic says:

    I don’t know that this won’t be good for Trump, as it lets him stand on one of his main platforms: the entire system is corrupt, and he’s going to come in and clean it all out. The best possible interpretation for Clinton here is that the FBI is completely incompetent, announcing way too early that there might be something there and then when they looked at it essentially saying “Oops, never mind!”. Most people, if they assume the FBI was being honest, will at least think that there was stuff in there that was in some way incriminating, but that they didn’t have enough evidence to actually lay charges, which then supports the idea that Clinton is corrupt, which admittedly wouldn’t surprise anyone. If Clinton tries to pull the “He’s a Republican and trying to influence the election!”, people might remember Obama saying that he was sure that Comey wasn’t doing that, and the people still like him a lot more than they like Clinton. And given the timing, a lot of people will indeed think that Comey was pressured both times into not laying charges, which supports the “It’s all corrupt!” narrative.

    About the only way it makes sense for Clinton to have pushed this herself is if she looks past the election and thinks that, if she gets in, this is an excuse for her to remove him and put in a Democrat for her own protection. But given the likely hit on her popular support, that is something she’d only do if she was extremely confident that she’d win/

    • You very well might be right. Ultimately this was just a wild card influenced into the equation that reeks of desperation and corruption. Whether or not what I’ll call the “CNN spin” will be the dominant narrative or not will be the key to whether this hurts or helps Grandma Abortion Witch.

  3. Aethelfrith says:

    Trump losing would not surprise me. His campaign had “Springtime for Hitler” written all over it.

  4. person says:

    Using a phrase like “pussy out” undermines your argument, at least in my eyes. Or, if not “undermines” (since it’s not related to the content of your argument), it limits it to a select group of people. If this is your intention, I won’t argue with it, but if you do want your ideas to reach a wider audience (i.e., women–I may be wrong, but I suspect I am one of the few women who reads your blog?), I would suggest that you try to avoid them.

    I am aware that this has nothing to do with the actual content of your post and I don’t intend it to be a response to your analysis of the Hilary emails. It’s just what came to mind first when I read your post. Basically, it seems to me that you are poisoning your own well when you title a post like this.

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