Melting Pot Untermenschen

Taken from my own comment:

There is a disturbing trend going on where melting pot theory proponents assume that if you believe that X group probably made the country a worse place when they tried to assimilate with a country that has a philosophy totally foreign to theirs, you really think X group is inferior to you and they should all be deported or killed or something.

Nobody seems to be catching the obvious point: That melting pot theory proponents apparently believe people who think differently than Americans are untermenschen. In fact, this is so self-evident to them that they literally can’t conceive of anybody thinking differently.

Those willing to doff their hats to the king have the souls of slaves, after all. Or so I’ve been told.

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2 Responses to Melting Pot Untermenschen

  1. Chad says:

    Melting Pot theory makes no judgment of value with regards to culture beyond two exceptions:

    1. The current culture is the best that has ever existed

    2. The best culture that has ever existed should be put up on the alter of sacrifice for the even better one that will be obtained.

    Just dont look at all the blood mixing on the floor from 300 years of human sacrifice….

  2. Chad says:

    A note:
    Some liberals, such as classical liberals, are heretics of their own heretical notions. They reject what their past liberal sacrifices earned them from their idols, and would like to offer present day society as a sacrifice to their liberalism to get back what they would have conserved if their idols had bothered to ask their preferences.

    In the end, they shout “Out damn spot!” while ignoring the pool of blood they’re wading in

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