Wisdom from Joseph Moore

How is it, I was once asked in so many words, that the Founders of this country could write laws that deprived women (and men without property) of the right to vote? Implicit in this question is the assumption that ‘does not have the right to vote’ = ‘subhuman’. (1) In other words, a right exercised only occasionally and in public defines human worth and freedom in the highest sense, above the rights exercised daily in our private lives. We would denigrate and then sacrifice the social structures – most especially, the family – within which our freedom is routinely expressed, in order to make more universal a right which is by its nature very specifically limited – vote on what? – and in any event exercised only rarely. We run the risk, in our headlong quest for equality, of ending up having the right to vote – and no other rights at all.

From Yard Sale of the Mind


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1 Response to Wisdom from Joseph Moore

  1. Scholar-at-Arms says:

    I have met such people online, though not, as far as I know, in real life. In particular I recall one series of exchanges on Twitter with a woman who insisted til she was blue in the face that the right to vote was the basis of all other rights.

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