New Castalia Post

No, I have not disappeared. I just haven’t found anything interesting enough for me to talk about for awhile.

No, I do not consider the election interesting. I’ve already told you who I’m supporting and why. Nothing about that has changed, and until it does there’s nothing for me to say about it. I do have some writing work going on in the background right now, but I don’t have any significant updates on that front yet either. Plus school is starting next week.

However, after talking about “Rick and Morty” a bit earlier, I DID write this article on them for the Castalia House blog, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. The article is titled “SUPERVERSIVE: Even “Rick and Morty” has a heart under its hideous, Cronenberged exterior”. Here is an excerpt:

Ah, “Rick and Morty”. For those who don’t know, “Rick and Morty” is an adult sci-fi cartoon about a drunk, cynical mad scientist and his young teenage grandson (fourteen?) going on adventures throughout the multiverse. It is probably the most non-Superversive show on TV right now, and quite possibly the most non-superversive show ever made. It is grim, it is nihilistic, it is mean, it takes every chance it gets to emphasize the pointlessness of existence, and it’s also absolutely, hysterically, laugh-out-loud funny. It is one of the funniest TV shows I’ve ever seen, and one of the cleverest to boot. It confirms something I’ve noted for awhile now: Nihilism can only work in the contexts of comedy or horror. You either laugh in the face of the void or you scream at it, but one thing you aren’t is happy about it.

“Rick and Morty” is what “Futurama” turns into after the writers all survive their suicide attempts.

Go check it out! And feel free to comment here, there, or wherever else you want to.

I really like the show. It’s very clever and very funny. It tries to be nihilistic, but it’s hard to be consistently nihilist without your viewers revolting, though “Rick and Morty” comes close.

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3 Responses to New Castalia Post

  1. Crude says:

    To me, the most interesting buck of the trend was when the quantum Ricks started praying fervently to God the moment it looked like they were done for. Yes, they stopped the moment danger passed, but I didn’t expect a moment like that.

    It’s an awesome show. The episode with the Devil was a great take on that trope.

    • I agree; I mentioned in the comments that that moment in “A Rickle in Time” was probably the most heroic and least cynical of the entire show. The ending to the previous season and the first episode of the second season make for an interestingly optimistic one-two punch, as Rick finds meaning in spending time with his grandchildren and then attempts to sacrifice himself to save one of their lives, even expressing hope in Morty’s future in the process.

      If “Rick Potion # 9” is the show’s darkest episode (it DEFINITELY is, and also hilarious), “A Rickle in Time” is definitely the most optimistic.

      I do prefer peak-seasons “Futurama”.

      Hmmmm, don’t remember seeing an episode with the devil yet (I’ve been looking at reviews and watching them out of order). You remember the title?

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