A Thought

As I finish off picking the stories and contacting the authors for “Tales of the Once and Future King”, I wondered if it might be a decent idea for me to put out a book of review/analysis essays.

I’m no John C. Wright and CERTAINLY no Tom Simon, who is the modern essay master, but occasionally people seem to enjoy my analyses of pop culture and I think, at least, I do have a unique perspective on several things due to me being a rather unusual bird – a Catholic who actually takes the Church seriously, enjoys musical theater, and can probably be fairly accurately called a pre-enlightenment conservative.

I certainly wouldn’t presume to do any essays on writing, except possibly insofar as what an editor looks for. The key is not to go into subjects I’m not qualified to talk about.

But “The Philosophy of Serenity”, “So you made it into Hufflepuff”, and “The Problem with the Problem of Susan” seem to be three pretty good starting points for a book that might interest some people.

Just getting some feelers out; basically I want to know if people find my thoughts on those sorts of things interesting enough to pick up a three dollar e-book on them.

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2 Responses to A Thought

  1. Cryptid456 says:

    I’d be interested. I don’t comment here very often, and I’m not Catholic, but I like your commentary.

    I’d have to get myself a Kindle first…

  2. Eric says:

    Count me in.

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