It’s a Smear Job

I’m afraid I have absolutely no sympathy for the black lives matter movement. Quite apart from the fact that there is absolutely no evidence blacks are targeted more than whites in police shootings (and some evidence to the contrary), there is more black on black than white on black violence, and the movement has resulted in much more violence, racial discord, and general disorder than it’s “corrected”, I’ll note that with the exception of the Eric Garner incident – where nobody was shot in any case and the death of Garner was clearly an accident – virtually every incident of “violence” against blacks in the media has either been totally justified at best or, at worst, a case of questionable judgment made in the heat of a tense and difficult moment.

That’s not to say I have no sympathy for black people. I definitely do – I feel quite bad for blacks that have nothing to do with the black lives matter movement getting smeared with that terrible label.

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6 Responses to It’s a Smear Job

  1. James says:

    Actually, for me, it’s not the basic philosophy behind the Black Lives Matter movement, but how it’s being implemented and interpreted. The statistics I see presented are pretty fluid, depending on who is posting them, so it’s difficult to know if African-Americans are being shot at higher rates relative to the rest of the population. I’ve known enough African-Americans over the years to believe they are pulled over by the police at higher rates than whites simply for “driving while black.”

    The final straw for me wasn’t the BLM movement itself, but the white social justice warriors that support it. I saw a conversation on Facebook (sorry for the spam) that pretty much made my blood boil. When I confronted the SJW about it (not recorded in my wee essay), he, his wife, and his friends landed on me with all their weight. Granted, my criticism probably went too far (I get wound up when people make a social movement a higher priority than a sick baby), but the result was me having to go through another purge on Facebook to block the hostility.

    Fortunately, my “Robots” blogspot is the perfect place for me to regain my balance by writing a few dystopian short stories. Perspective is everything.

    • The statistics I see presented are pretty fluid, depending on who is posting them, so it’s difficult to know if African-Americans are being shot at higher rates relative to the rest of the population.

      Isn’t this itself pretty damning of the extreme histrionics?

      It’s possible they’re pulled over more for “driving while black”, but that’s not exactly the same as what they’re supposedly protesting.

      • James says:

        True enough, but even if I disagree with someone, I’d still like to understand their point of view. I don’t like to automatically assume that just because I disagree with someone on one or more issues, that I should disagree about everything.

      • Well, I don’t assume it. I’m just going by my lyin’ eyes.

        In any case, obviously individual people aren’t necessarily going to be the same as the radicals, but even those non-radicals are supporting what I consider a radical and violent movement.

        (I completely avoid all politics talk on Facebook. Malcolm the Cynic is very cathartic in that regard.)

    • Also, this was partially prompted by your blog post, which was very good. I’m not so nice, I guess.

  2. Crude says:

    It was grimly amusing that, over and over again, every fallen martyr for the BLM cause turned out to be – upon investigation – a really shitty person who largely had themselves to blame. (I think the one exception was that guy who was apparently shot roadside while trying to comply with the law. Of course, he was also shot by ‘a chinese cop’ so that story isn’t going anywhere.)

    I suspect the idea was to keep the black population riled up and engaged and angry and – most importantly of all – voting. And with Obama leaving the stage for a dowdy old white woman married to Captain Three Strikes, the riling up went into overdrive. But the radical part of black population getting so invested in the ‘white/police society gonna gitcha!!’ narrative that they started shooting cops in retaliation? And not just shooting them, but flat out targeting them in very obvious and successful ways? That wasn’t part of the plan.

    Now you have a police leader saying the president has blood on his hands, which scares the hell out of Barry, since if an attitude like that spreads then Obama is going to have to make a choice: remain defiant and blame cops and whites for their own deaths, or break down, apologize, and blame elements in the black community as well as BLM rhetoric. Both run risk of electoral suicide. Go the former route and you may end up with more and more cops saying Obama’s responsible for their deaths. Go the latter route and Obama’s credibility with black activists is in pieces. They are not a group that rolls with ‘We’re partially to blame for our situation’ reasoning.

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