Two Plugs

First, the Christian answer to the Oatmeal, Adam4D. A generally great website; I disagree sometimes with the cartoonist’s theology (he’s a Calvinist, which doesn’t offend me but which I find kind of silly), but 95% of the time he’s bang on point, and pretty funny too. Go check it out!

Second, and more importantly (at least for me): We need ARTISTS! A call from Superversive SF:

Right now a bunch of our writers have comics sitting in the pipeline, but we need ARTISTS! Preferably people with some experience in comics, but we’ll take a look at anyone. We’ve made a lot of progress but until we get more artists on the team our project is stalled.

All artists will be getting compensated for their work, via a percentage of royalties from the finished products (i.e., comic books). If you’re at all interested in learning more about our plans and what sort of work you’ll be doing, shoot an e-mail to We can answer all your questions there. I CAN tell you that while we have some other things planned for the future, our first comics are probably going to be superhero related.


Does this have anything to do with Paladin? What do you think?

Please, if you have a blog or other platform, tell people about this, or link to the post, or both. The more the merrier!

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3 Responses to Two Plugs

  1. Elostirion says:

    While we’re on the subject of webcomics… I’ll plug this…

    Unfortunately it’s tied to facebook, so you’ll need an account or facebook will lock you out.

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