Speaking of War…

Now we’ve got snipers taking out cops.

Let’s see if my theory of “We’re farther away than a lot of people think” holds true. Perhaps not.

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6 Responses to Speaking of War…

  1. Jakeithus says:

    I too have had scepticism about the time frames given for breakup and civil war by certain Internet prognosticators; yesterday has caused me to question that as well. If ambush attacks against police officers become a regular event in your country; look out. Race relations haven’t been good for years, but this is on a whole other level if it’s not a one time thing.

  2. Elostirion says:

    It could be like the LA riots in ’92.
    Only everywhere.

  3. Crude says:

    If you want to lose faith in your position, I suggest you look at the responses you get if you search for Micah Xavier Johnson on twitter.

    • Crude says:

      Keep in mind, that’s partly joking.

      I will say that if you expect universal condemnation for what he did, ha ha, think again. A popular theory is that this was all made up by lying cops. Who, judging by the video clips I’ve seen, are apparently great at street improv too.

  4. Zippy says:

    Some wag suggested that we don’t have to start the violent revolution: leftists will start it for us.

  5. Zippy says:

    As leftism becomes ever more disillusioned by its own comprehensive triumph, it becomes ever more likely to commit violent atrocities through its Uncle Tom proxies.

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