No, I Don’t Want a War

With all of the talk about how Hilary somehow managed to weasel out of criminal charges once again, talk has turned once more – as it inevitably does at least once a year or so now – to a potential rebellion and civil war.

Count me out of that talk. I do not want a war. First, if we really took this seriously, we would have gone to war immediately after Roe v. Wade. There are prudential issues why this might have been a bad idea – was the Civil War, after all of that, really worth it? – but that’s far and away the best justification in our country for outright rebellion; but next to nobody talked about it then.

As they really shouldn’t have. Revolutions and wars are very romantic, but war sucks. A lot of people will end up dead. Quality of life, if you value that sort of thing (and you do, even if you don’t admit it), will drop like a rock. Terrible decisions will be made. War is never something to be talked about idly. It is a last and desperate act, something we do only when it is clear that the other alternatives are clearly worse and that the people we’re fighting against are really our enemies.

Is it really worth the cost? I’m not convinced yet, and I’m extremely unimpressed by folks who talk of rebellion without raising weapons or rallying troops. This isn’t something to be talked about lightly – people will die, by the hundreds, thousands, or even millions. And if you truly think we’ve met the criteria for a just war, then I expect to see you somewhere besides the screen of a computer, talking about how much of a shame it is that nobody has picked up a gun and shot somebody.

War sucks. Let’s take it seriously.

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16 Responses to No, I Don’t Want a War

  1. Crude says:

    I think ‘war’ talk is inane. But there’s plenty of things one can do – ones that do not involve harming any human life, at least directly or intentionally – short of that. As those idiots on college campuses and even in congress have lately shown.

    • Crude says:

      To put it another way.

      People like to talk about the American revolution. They didn’t just decide to have a revolution one day. There was a lot of pushback, physical and otherwise, before war was hit. It wasn’t the objective from day one.

      Until I see some pushback, I think the ‘war’ talk is bullshit top to bottom. Once I see one of these left-wing violent mob attacks being beaten back with right-wingers (whether as cops or other protesters) who start beating the tar out of them, I’ll take it more seriously.

      • What gets me is the semi-romantic pangs of longing – “In the olden days, we never would have put up with this!”

        Maybe; maybe not. But if you really don’t want to put up with it, instead of mooning over war online, why aren’t you raising troops and gathering weapons?

        Because you don’t think it’s worth it. And here’s the kicker: You’re probably right.

      • Crude says:

        Because you don’t think it’s worth it. And here’s the kicker: You’re probably right.

        This I disagree with. I think justification outstrips will more often than not.

        I agree with you about those semi-romantic pangs of longing, and how ridiculous they are in a sense. In another sense, I see it as people in a situation they know is rotten, trying to imagine how to react to it. They know ‘revolutionary war’, they know dramatic war speeches, so that’s what they imagine and wish for, even if they’d never go through with it unless things were a lot further than they are. Even the ones who wouldn’t run and hide if war came will tell you that they’re not the next George Washington. Even in legitimate war, George Washingtons are vastly outnumbered by guys-who-are-going-to-do-as-they’re-told.

        Besides, war – American Revolution war – is a thing of the past anyway. Not because war or rebellion is obsolete, I don’t think, but because war is now fought in a different way in many places. Terrorism is the norm. If America ever sees a revolution, it’s not going to be in the form of millions ‘rising up and taking to arms’ like some kind of weird 1776 part II. It’s going to be in the form of hearing on the news how a bomb went off on a street corner and prominent politician X or businessman Y was shredded by shrapnel – and a quarter to half the country goes ‘good!’.

        How far we are from THAT is an interesting question.

      • Crude says:

        Yep, but someone going off and blowing something up isn’t what turns heads in this case. Lone or tiny groups of fringers is one thing. When something like that happens and a lot of Americans think ‘Good’, things will have hit a new point.

        It’s not going to be easy to tell that. No one’s going to do a poll asking ‘Do you approve or disapprove of this guy who just went off and blew up a bunch of people?’. And if they do, most people aren’t going to say ‘Oh sure that was great’ directly. At most, they’d signal.

        And whether it hits that point depends on a lot of factors. In my view, things are getting worse in -that- regard. This election cycle you have people saying (for example) ‘Trump is a fascist, it’s okay to beat up and threaten people who support fascists. Maybe it’s even okay to go a lot further than that!’ That’s a sentiment which can spiral in multiple ways.

  2. James says:

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about. There are too few people in the U.S. who have the will and the skill sets necessary to attempt an armed revolt. Most people complain, but that’s all they do. Any group of armed citizens who attempted to overthrow the federal government would be put down by the military. We are no longer a nation capable of waging a revolution, thus we are condemned to being ruled by the aristocracy. Most people are so blinded by the media that they imagine they are still free.

    • I don’t think as many people are “blinded by the media” as you say; just look at John C. Wright’s most recent post.

      But, prudence is something we need to worry about, as you’ve pointed out. A revolution is pointless if you’re going to get crushed.

      • James says:

        Enough people still think Clinton is golden and will vote for her in spite of the dodgy way she got out of being prosecuted.

      • Not everybody, though.

        The thing is, our quality of life here? Despite it all, it’s really, really good. People don’t want to upset that, whatever they say.

  3. Mike T says:

    FWIW, I have been warning more mainstream conservatives in my social circles for years that they’re foolish if they think “taking our country back” will be like 1776 rather than the French Revolution. One need only look at the pent up anger on all sides to see what I mean. They asked what I’d do, and I said I would stack high and deep and hunker down and hide. I suspect it would look more like The Purge than their romantic ideas.

  4. GoldenEye says:

    You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

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