Marvel comics doing a U.S.A. Avengers? Nothing can go wrong here!

I mean, really, it’s being lead by a Brazilian immigrant!

There’s a new, female Captain America!

And don’t think it will be an unthinking patriotism either:

“Here’s the thing about Roberto — he came to America in his teens, and, as both an actual and fictional minority, a South American mutant, he’s experienced the ugly side of it,” Ewing said…“I don’t think patriotism should be uncritical or unthinking — we’re seeing in Britain where that leads, and it’s horrible. I’m afraid for us.

Translation: Brexit supporters are idiots and probably racists.

What do you think the first story will be about? My money is on thinly veiled analogues for Trump supporters, but we can also go the gay basher or feminist route. Oh, and let’s not forget racism!

Time will tell!

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8 Responses to U.S.Avengers

  1. Cirsova says:

    Well, let’s face it, no one would buy a comic called Captain I Have Mixed Thoughts On the Pros and Cons of Nationalism, even if that’s the garbage they’re writing these days.

  2. Crude says:

    I believe they just put Canada’s idiot-PM into an issue too along with the heroes.

    This would bother me less if there was an alternative to them, but for the most part there is not. It’s a weird entertainment business – even Archie is into this shit now.

    • Randy P. says:

      Yes, we need alternatives. We have alternatives for books, but comics are still entirely converged.

      • Both of you guys – be patient. That’s all I can say about that.

        Know that Paladin is hopefully going to be a part of those alternatives in the not so distant future.

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