Support Brexit?

Well, you are basically Voldemort, and a moron, and – and this is the worst thing of all – a “mini-Trump”, a guy who’s apparently Hitler and Satan rolled into one.

And if you’re Nigel Farage, the leader of the U.K. Indepence Party, you’re an “unspeakable piece of shit”.

Now, I didn’t know a thing about Farage. Curious, I looked him up, then skipped to his immigration policies (since, come on, of course that’s what she’s talking about). Here they are:

Farage has said that he supports Muslim immigrants who integrate to British society, but is against those who are “coming here to take us over”, citing John Howard‘s Australia as a government to emulate in that regard.

In a 2014 interview on the LBC radio station, Farage said that he would feel “concerned” if a group of Romanian men moved next door to him. When interviewer James O’Brieninquired what would be the difference between Romanian men moving next door and a group of German children, in reference to Farage’s German wife and children, Farage replied: “You know the difference.”[118][119][120] He later expanded on this on the UKIP website, explaining that “if we were able to operate a proper work permit scheme for Romanian nationals, with suitable checks, as recommended by UKIP, then nobody would need to be concerned if a group of Romanian nationals moved in next door to them.”[121]

Farage called on the British government in 2013 to accept more refugees from the Syrian Civil War.[122] He later clarified that those refugees should be of the country’s Christian minority, due to the existence of nearer Muslim-majority safe countries.[123] During the ensuing migration crisis, Farage alleged that the majority of people claiming to be refugees were economic migrants, and that some were Islamic State militants.

Some were Islamic State militants. All of SOME! The shock! The horror!

So, let’s be clear here: Do you think that people from foreign nations should be subject to background checks before emigrating?

Do you believe that some, but not all, muslims might not be swell people?

Do you think it’s more important to take in people with nowhere to go than people surrounded by countries with similar belief systems to theirs?

If so, fuck you, you unspeakable piece of filth, you Voldemort, you…you…mini-Trump!

Man, I used to admire Rowling for many years, but she has worked very, very hard to make it to the top of my list of “least favorite people we listen to about subjects they’re no more qualified to talk about than I am”.  Congrats, Rowling, you succeeded.

And if that’s what you think of me, a loyal fan and admirer of your work, because I happen to disagree with your politics….you can go fuck yourself.

I hope she takes comfort in the knowledge that she’s insulted and alienated many of the very people she owes for her success. Good for her. Gold stars all around!

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4 Responses to Support Brexit?

  1. BenYachov(Jim the Scott) says:

    Poor Alastair Reynolds is broken up about it & I haven’t the heart to saying anything to him about it since he is my favorite Hard Scifi author.

    But his plea to keep GB in EU is like reading GONE WITH THE WIND. That is an idealized view of a troubled civilization.
    Thus I present his idealized view of the EU(oneI don’t share but alas it is interesting).

    • His argument is almost all pure emotion, which at the very least can be pointed right back at him: Yeah, friendship and commonality and all that, but what about national pride, if you want to go there? That’s a thing too, and just as logical.

      You’re right; it reads very much like a sort of idealized “Gone With the Wind” version of Europe. Europe is dying because its being ruled by idiots; if you can break away from the idiots, do it, and NOW.

      Britain did it, and good for them.

      (I’m amazed he thinks it’s about economics for the leave side; does he really think it’s a coincidence that leave gained momentum more or less right after London got a muslim mayor?)

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