“Rise of the Paladin”‘s Plot is Complete

I have never had more fun plotting a “long length” work. If things don’t work out on the comic front, this is absolutely going to turn into a novel.

“Rise of the Paladin” is the story of how the immortal Lancelot, known as the Paladin, investigates the presence of supernatural creatures in a bankrupt, run-down, ultra-violent city devoid of hope, with a police force that’s virtually useless and violence being the norm more than the exception. It’s essentially a war zone. Gangs control different sections of the city, engaging in things like drug trading, human trafficking, and general robbery and violence. Battles between factions are routine occurrences. The government has all but given up, choosing to leave the people to rot rather than engage in a wasted effort to clean things up. It’s Gotham on steroids, and much poorer and run-down.

And in the midst of this hellhole is a young woman named Celia Merrick, who has a disturbing penchant for starting fires and the unfortunate luck of getting attacked by dragons and rescued by knights.The war is about to get a lot more complicated.

The story was stuffed with everything I could think of: Japanese shapeshifters, werewolves, dragons, knights, vampires, demons, magical swords, a cameo by the Holy Grail, and, of course, a whole lot of Holy Water.

Despite all of that, I hope to maintain something of a grounded feel: Aside from one brief break in the action, the entire thing takes place in the city. Magic is used, but so are guns, and the police actually become a major part of the plot. Once again, it’s meant to recall Miller’s Daredevil run: Sure, he had his secret ninja organization, but Daredevil was very different from, say, Superman or Captain America. He protected his city, and he did it with little more than the shirt on his back and a couple of billy clubs. Lancelot has more to work with, but not as much more as you think.

There’s a real conclusion to this story as well. I think it’s suitably insane enough that people will enjoy it, but I suppose time will tell.

And now, time to do the actual writing. That’s just a mere trifle, right?

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