Out of Curiosity

If a hellmouth opened underneath your city and you were a knight, how would you close it?

Just curiosity. It’s certainly not the ending to a plot I’m working on, no Sir.

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12 Responses to Out of Curiosity

  1. Put on my best armour, mount my warhorse and charge into it, Curtius-style.

  2. James says:

    I’d “Google” what a “hellmouth” was and, realizing that it was theologically incompatible with my beliefs, organize an evacuation of my city, and then let the military bomb the living daylights out of the thing. Sorry. First idea that popped into my head.

    • I don’t think a real live Hellmouth makes sense, but…it makes for cool fiction.

      As for that…these are supernatural creatures. Paladin’s job – along with the Knights Templar – is to stop these things.

      Besides, there’s a strong tradition in superhero stories of the heroes handling things traditionally handled by the military – one of those tropes you can’t overthink.

  3. Zippy says:

    Exorcism. (Swiped from the end of James Blish’s _A Case of Conscience_).

    • Thought of that; I did come up with an idea that’s insanely over the top and cool. Excorcism is a hard one for me to work considering the situation I’ve set up for my heroes.

  4. Craig N. says:

    Well, I don’t actually know how one closes hellmouths, so I guess I’d try set up surrounding defenses while researching how one might do that. In a rpg scenario, I would be guaranteed to have some leads to potentially-useful information; real life may not be so convenient. On the other hand, if I’m somehow a knight, however that happened should give me a place to start even if it doesn’t come with any special insights. (If, for instance, I know another knight who’s hundreds of years old and has dealt with this kind of problem before.)

    Consecrating the ground is probably a good start: if it doesn’t close the hellmouth, surrounding it with holy ground should definitely be an element of the defenses. Exorcism is just for possessed _people,_ as far as I know; if there’s some sort of established variant for places, that should work.

    Relics do spring to mind as concentrated holy power, but I’ll want to be careful about avoiding any misuse: using the spear of Longinus as a physical weapon was sacrilegious enough to bring down Camelot, after all;.

  5. Chad says:

    Find some monks and lead a forward offensive with a monstrous carried behind the front to keep us safe as we battled our way to whatever fiend opened it up

    • Interesting! I’ll have to think about that one. I have a solution I’m fairly satisfied it but your idea has some cool imagery attached to it that could work well in a visual medium.

      • Chad says:

        To be fair, I just read something similar in thr book Camp of the Saints. However, I felt betrayed with what the author did with it.

  6. Crude says:

    If a hellmouth opened underneath your city and you were a knight, how would you close it?

    I would attempt to make life for whatever being(s) had opened the hellmouth so unbearable that they would close it of their own accord, and think twice about doing it again.

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