The Problem with the Tony Awards

…is not that “Hamilton” won everything. It’s that I knew “Hamilton” would win everything as soon as I learned that it was a show about white people being played by non-white people who rap.

I never heard a single song, heard nothing about it except “people seem to really love it”, but as soon as I heard the concept behind it I would have bet my laptop that it would clean up.

Ditto “Fun Home”, from last year. A show about a lesbian feminist with an abusive father? Are you kidding? Just give it the best musical award in advance and be done with it.

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1 Response to The Problem with the Tony Awards

  1. BenYachov(Jim the Scott) says:

    So Malcolm what do you think of this? Maybe the Pope knows something we don’t? Speaking for myself I would still strongly restrict (Trump levels or more) Muslim immigration from the middle east but still………God might have a plan.

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