Hey, there’s an ad where J-Law is getting choked by some guy

I’ll link to this article and post this response of mine from the comments:

But you don’t have to do that by using an image that is disturbing/has real-life associations to people.

Should the commercial have contained a section where a wheelchair-bound Xavier was attacked by Apocalypse?

I note that the reason the ad is a problem keeps morphing.

One person says it’s just too violent, even if J-Law was a guy.

One person thinks that the problem is that it’s not clear Apocalypse is the villain, so people might not realize that choking women is a negative in this movie (I find this argument the most ridiculous).

One person thinks that the issue is that a guy choking someone out has too many real life implications for women.

Disagreeing has turned into fighting Hydra: Point out one aspect is wrong, another turns up that everybody upvotes and pretends they agreed with all along.

To bring up an analogy I used below (from the other side of the political aisle, no less), it’s like that guy who said that his REAL problem with the “Cap is a Nazi” reveal (after everybody quickly pointed out that, duh, Cap is actually not going to be a Nazi) is that they used Cap being a Nazi as a cliffhanger, this apparently being super-offensive.

And everybody linked to that article as if they agreed with it all along when it’s obvious that their real issue was that they made Cap a Nazi; but now that they’ve already expressed outrage, and some reflection showed the outrage to be misplaced, they used this article to cover their ass and say, “See, there’s TOTALLY an issue here!”…ignoring that it wasn’t actually THEIR issue.

That’s what I’m getting here. Somebody makes a point. People point out why that point doesn’t work. People say the ad is still a problem because of a completely different point, and everybody acts like they agreed with it all along.

I don’t think this has to do with any side of the political aisle, as I’ve hopefully shown, but the urge to avoid embarrassment is a strong one.

Yes, I differ with my superversive friends on the “Cap is a Nazi” thing. I’m not giving Marvel a pass, you understand; their comics went off the deep end long ago, around the days of Lady Thor and muslim Miss Marvel. I just don’t think this is going to end up a problem. Anybody who thinks he’s going to stay a Nazi is kidding himself. Of course he’s not. It’s much ado about nothing.

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1 Response to Hey, there’s an ad where J-Law is getting choked by some guy

  1. James says:

    Reminds me of the “outcry” some months ago over a comic book cover showing the Joker threatening Batgirl, and Batgirl looking terrified and is crying. The objection was that no male superhero ever appears frightened on a comic strip cover.

    In response, someone posted dozens of images of comic strip covers where male superheroes looked afraid and some were crying.

    Frankly, if the Joker were real and had a gun to my head, I’d be terrified. The cover showing Batgirl in tears was probably the most realistic image I’ve ever seen associated with a comic book.

    As far as a movie super villain choking a “functionally naked” female mutant, well, he’s the bad guy. That’s what bad guys do. It’s not a set of instructions on how to treat women. Just the opposite.

    I know Fox is worried about negative publicity (although the majority of comments under the news story seem supportive of Fox), but in this case, I don’t think they were out of line.

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