Best. Website. Ever.

For a certain type of man, a website like this is literally life-changing. I’m not kidding. I just picked out shoes because of an article I read on here. I’ll be getting more polo shirts next. Soon I’ll watch their video on how to trim a beard, and on how to wake up earlier.

Seriously. At the very least, you’ll probably find it way cool. I recommend it to anybody interested in finding a spot on the internet that doesn’t use the word masculinity with the word “toxic” in front of it.

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6 Responses to Best. Website. Ever.

  1. Chad says:

    Read tanners blog masculine style. He’s the one that taught me not only a sense of masculine fashion with regards to a healthy masculine personality, but also how to play with the rules of fashion to fit your own life as a man

  2. James says:

    In less than two months, I turn 62 years old. I find the “manliness” site somewhat interesting, but after over six decades of life, I’ve become pretty comfortable living inside of my own skin. My sons might find it more useful, and in fact, one of my sons gave his nephew (my seven-year-old grandson) the book The Dangerous Book for Boys (sorry if posting a link seems like “spamming”). My grandson’s Dad (my other son) is “administering” it for him. I think our sense of who we are as men comes not only from being bombarded by the entertainment and advertising industries, but by how our parents have raised us.

  3. Vand83 says:

    Great podcasts too. Check out Fr. James V Schall’s interview titled “The life of the mind: the joys and travails of thinking”. A rare gem he is.

  4. dpmonahan says:

    Polo shirts are manly? I own about ten, I guess that makes me the ubermench.

  5. Cane Caldo says:

    Polo shirts have collars and collars are a symbol of dignity in the West. Dignity is manly.

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