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What I Actually Think About Trump

I realize that I never actually spelled it out. So here it is: I’m getting more and more sympathetic, as time goes on, to Zippy’s arguments that we shouldn’t be voting at all, though I’m not sold (or not yet). … Continue reading

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Larry Correia Loses Control

This, of course, is not shocking – libertarians seem to nurse a particular level of vitriol for Trump –  though I am well and truly disappointed. I can get not voting for Trump. Certain people I definitely respect for not … Continue reading

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The Real Danger of SJW’s

“SJWs Always Lie” is, thanks to Vox Day, a truism. But really, that’s not very frightening. It’s pretty difficult for people to consistently stand up for lies, to the point that a common argument – and a strong one, I … Continue reading

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