Maybe This is a Bad Idea

But I’m going to link to this with no comment. I think I’ve proven at this point that I absolutely am willing to have this discussion; I’m not responding at Mr. Wright’s blog because he’s made it very clear he finds the discussion offensive. Very well. But…

Japan is a nation. America is a church. If I stop believing in the rights of man and the rule of law, I am no longer an American in spirit, no matter if I legally am or no. If I bow the knee to a king, I am no longer a Virginian





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16 Responses to Maybe This is a Bad Idea

  1. GJ says:

    Novus ordo seclorum, annuit copetis.

    History turned its greatest corner with the American Revolution. Get with the programme, man!

    • But, like, it’s not just me, right? Please tell me it’s not just me.

      • GJ says:

        Well, I’m mostly inured to ‘muricanism, so no, I don’t feel a burning urge to respond. But yeah, it is rather bad.

      • GJ says:

        And we’re going to see much more of this sort of thing with nationalism on the rise, whether it be ‘white purity white!!’ or ‘idea exceptionalism ideal!!’ You’ll have lots of opportunity to practice fortitude.

      • Hrodgar says:

        I suppose the really frustrating thing for me is that he admits that “America as a credal nation” usurps the role of the Church, he criticizes the Left for making a religion of politics, and yet he still doesn’t see what could be wrong with his own position.

        So, yeah, it’s not just you.

  2. Servant of the Chief says:

    Well, you cant fault a man for loving his nation. But Wright is deep in the throes of the Amercanism heresy, so deep he wont be shaken from it without a revelation.

  3. Zippy says:

    Obviously he learned nothing from the earlier discussion. He rhetorically demonizes leftism, and then does everything in his power to keep its foundations intact.

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  5. goldrushapple says:

    I suppose this is where I part with a number of posters here. I don’t consider myself a blind patriot, but I’m a patriot nonetheless. I don’t consider America my church, but its health is vitally important to me since I’ll be making a living in education & policy.

    Of course, how many would be willing to join the American military here if they aren’t already in it? I don’t think any hands would be raised. Many would accuse me of being a #Conservakin (fair enough) but I’d rather have a country to live in than be a man without any country.

    • Who are you directing this at? Who do you think has a problem with the concept of patriotism?

      Would I be willing to join the military? Well, I wouldn’t join normally, no, but I certainly would never draft dodge, and have nothing but the highest respect for members of the armed forces.

      Who do you think you’re parting company with? For that matter, why do you think I had a problem with John’s quote? Here’s a hint:

      I don’t consider America my church…

      John does.

  6. GJ says:

    One does wonder which church he is ultimately loyal to.

  7. Man cannot serve two masters. I fail to see how that isn’t a declaration of apostasy from the Catholic Church.

    • If you were to ask him my best guess is that he would say he meant the comment metaphorically or analagously.

      • Scholar-at-Arms says:

        I missed the discussion there at the time because of difficulty with the new comment system, but I would hazard that this is pushback against Vox. As you may have noticed, VD has been beating the “America is not a propositional nation!” drum quite heavily lately, and Wright has always been careful to both maintain good working relationships with him and make it clear that he and Vox differ on many points. The main assertion of the three to four relevant comments seems to be that America *is* a propositional nation; therefore I would take “church” as an unfelicitous metaphor.

        Since Mr Wright usually has very felicitous ones, I’m still puzzled by this. Would like to talk it over with him sometime.

      • Knowing Mr. Wright though…this fits in with his views fairly well.

        Obviously if asked he would say America is not a church in the same way as the Catholic Church is. But the concept of America as a church is, I think, extremely harmful.

        I don’t know if Vox is ACTUALLY right, but his version of America as *not* a propositional nation is both safer and more logical.

        And yes, it was very much in response to Vox.

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