And so, a music break

Whenever I audition for a show, until I learn if I got in, or what part I got, it’s very hard for me to focus on anything else. This is true, of course, of anything, but the particular sort of tension involved in auditions and callbacks makes it – for me, at least – especially nerve-wracking.

Since I won’t be learning the result of my audition until Wednesday at the earliest, I’ll use my blog as an outlet, which I can do because none of you can stop me. The show I’m auditioning for is called “Curtains”, which I knew of in passing but didn’t know a whole lot about besides “It’s a backstage murder mystery” (which is an admittedly cool premise).

As it turns out, “Curtains” has some excellent music. Here’s its most famous song, “Show People”. David Hyde Pierce won a Tony for the lead:

Oddly, the best version of the show is from a high school. The choreography is no great shakes but the leads from NNHS are amazing. Here’s a fun ballad called “A Tough Act to Follow”. The guy playing Cioffi, who is the main character (Boston accent), is terrific (Nikki, the girl in the number, isn’t bad either):

But the real star of this show is the girl who plays Carmen, one of the main characters and the lead singer of “It’s a Business”. This girl is in high school!:

What a voice!

The show’s “award bait” song is a ballad called “I Miss the Music”. NNHS has a good version of this too (where do they find these guys?), but the best one I could find is here (skip to 1:21 to hear the real start of the song, then once you hit 4:28 skip ahead to 5:50 to get the reprise):

Probably the biggest setpiece of the show – even more than “Show People” – is “Thataway”, which comes from the show within a show. Once again NNHS has the best version of it, though it’s more for the singing, which is on point, than the choreography, which is meh (song starts 30 seconds in):

Georgia (lead singer) isn’t as good as the girl playing Carmen, but she’s pretty good. Note the lyrics, which are rather PG-13, especially when the guys start singing.

Anyway, the music ended up being better than I thought it would be, and it’s a generally fun show. I don’t know what role I’m getting but I’m pretty sure I’ll get in.

Wednesday though! Ugh. That’s a loooooooong wait…

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