A Thought

One thing that might fool people if they hear all of the “debate” about submission and what it means and what mutual submission is and all that jazz is how people talk about how we need to “interpret” Paul. So for the first time in awhile I actually cracked open the Epistles and found myself in for a surprise.

The first thing I noticed: Paul is INCREDIBLY clear. He is probably the clearest writer I’ve read outside of C.S. Lewis. His points are always specific, he takes special care to name his audience, and he repeats himself several times for those sitting in the back. Paul is actually clearer than Christ is in the Gospels (which makes sense – Paul is writing the letters himself, but we’re getting secondhand recordings of the sermons and sayings of Christ. One of the reasons Paul’s letters are in the Bible is to form a consistent theology out of the solid backbone Christ gave us).

This idea that the letters of Paul are some great puzzle that needs to be teased out is a very modern one generally driven by people who really don’t want to follow the teachings of St. Paul.

(As for callbacks, I won’t get results until “probably Wednesday, sometime next week”, which is EXTREMELY annoying, but what can you do? My best guess is that I’ll end up with a minor role, which is fine by me.)

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4 Responses to A Thought

  1. dpmonahan says:

    Paul’s theology of salvation can be very difficult to puzzle out, even for people who know Greek, hence Luther.
    You are right however about his moral teachings; they are perfectly clear. Probably because first he is dealing with concrete human actions, and second because you have to be very explicit when telling people what not to do: can’t give them an inch.

  2. Bob McMaster says:

    Heh. First thing that occurred to me was Peter’s warning in II Peter 3 that Paul can be confusing and to beware folks who capitalize on that to distort the Word.

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