I Will Mention…

Do wish me luck. I just got a callback for a musical (“Curtains”, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago).

I’ve talked about my love of theatre in the past, but it’s very hard to explain it to someone who doesn’t “get it”. To someone who does, no explanation is necessary. It’s an experience that nothing else in the world can match. Sports comes the closest, but even that isn’t quite the same.

I am actually more nervous than I thought I’d be about this show, and very much want to get in.


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4 Responses to I Will Mention…

  1. Cane Caldo says:

    I’m rooting for ya.

  2. GRA says:

    I think I get what you mean. Live performances, be it an orchestra, a play, a musical, ballet, opera, even a debate, alongside sports bring a unique feeling to both the performer and audience. That’s why I enjoy sports so much. Not to mention the camaraderie and competition within a given group. A microcosm of society all in one place, for only a few hours.

    • Yes. Team sports are also a blast. But theater brings something unique to it that sports doesn’t (which goes the other way too, of course – there is something unique about a team sport theater doesn’t share).

      It’s very hard to describe what it is – perhaps the focus on entertainment? Creating something that not only will “win a game”, but that people are going to enjoy? I don’t know, or not exactly. But something.

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