My Summer Projects

Tomorrow I audition for a show (“Curtains”, not that you were wondering), and my King Arthur anthology submissions are open (be sure to spread the word!). Later in the summer I’ll be taking some summer classes as well. But there’s one more thing I FINALLY have time to work on. Specifically, my book.

Currently it’s titled “The Knights of Avalon”, though that seems a bit generic and may change.

I’ve got a lot ready: A basic plot, some lead characters I really like (though I can use more secondaries, and should flesh out my villain more), and a general idea of where it’s all going. Now it’s time for me to get book 1 outlined in detail.

The big challenge is understanding my setting. Britain is a real place. I can’t make all of it up. And that means research.

I’ll be using the Snowflake method to outline. Should be interesting.

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