Still Not Impressed With Jennifer Lawrence

So I got into a discussion on Facebook about Jennifer Lawrence. Believe it or not, this discussion was not with SJW’s but with people I like and respect, and the conversation was civil. That said, by the time it ended, I was still not convinced.

Well, there are a few things to say here.

The discussion turned into how terrible it is that J-Law was called fat and how the nude photos thing were terrible, and little girls were being badly influenced by the culture surrounding thinness or something, et cetera, ad nauseum.

My response can be summed up like this:

Jennifer Lawrence has repeatedly been given high profile starring roles, won major awards, is adored by the public AND the media, and recently was the lead in a blockbuster multi-movie franchise.

And because a director probably called her fat once and maybe she was airbrushed in some photos I’m supposed to ignore the massive media push to glorify overweight women. At one point one of the commenters – who I respect and like – tried to convince me that obesity was really a result of girls tragically giving up because they could never become thin enough. Considering how pop culture is stuffed to the gills all over and everywhere with the EXACT OPPOSITE MESSAGE I find this suspect at the best of times.

I’m sure some pervy Hollywood old men claimed she was overweight. But I’m equally sure that the message young girls are getting is not that you need to be super-skinny to be pretty. The whole “overweight is beautiful” trend is just another attempt to declare male preferences and desires unclean while allowing women to do essentially whatever they want.

But everybody knows, even if they don’t want to admit it, that looks are obviously more important for women than men. It’s not a double standard. It’s two different standards. Men are most attracted to looks when it comes to women. Women are attracted to a variety of different traits with looks much lower on the list. This is self-evident, but then, the Emperor is wearing a fine golden robe.

I find it very difficult that this whole body image message is having too bad of an effect on J-Law considering she’s a massive success, a media darling, and a fan favorite. Heck, after the pics scandal she became MORE popular if anything. She won a (deserved) Oscar. And whatever happened behind the scenes the message to the culture at large is exactly the opposite of what she thinks it is, Hollywood echo chamber be damned.

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1 Response to Still Not Impressed With Jennifer Lawrence

  1. goldrushapple says:

    Honestly, the more Lawrence opens her mouth – be it about weight or Planned Parenthood – I’m starting to believe she’s an idiot. I can tell she had her own beliefs/thoughts before becoming the Jennifer Lawrence we know today. Now she just peddles whatever feminist narrative she’s been fed or that has been floating around in the industry.

    And I don’t think she’s that good of an actress (I don’t think most of the established actresses under 30 are particularly talented, save for Saoirse Ronan).

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