Why “Transitioning” the Culture of Abortion Doesn’t Move Me

We now magically live in a world where raping people in the anus with a beer bottle is legal, and you are the king.

Roughly half of the society thinks this is grossly immoral (though refuses to actually refer to the rapists as anything but victims). The other half thinks it is a fundamental human right, and anybody opposing it is a horrible fascist, and probably a religious nut. Raging debate surrounds all sides.

You have the power, immediately, through unilateral degree to make this illegal. No changing the culture first, but you can snap your fingers and poof! Raping people in the anus is now a crime punished by life in prison or worse.

If your answer is “No”, have fun teaching your patent how to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise while blood gushes out of his veins.

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4 Responses to Why “Transitioning” the Culture of Abortion Doesn’t Move Me

  1. Servant of the Chief says:

    Making abortion illegal doesn’t go far enough.

    I’d outlaw contraceptives while I am at it.

  2. Crude says:

    Anyone who makes the ‘transition’ move has to explain how they intend to ‘transition’ a culture that is openly hostile to them on basically all popular fronts.

    Transitioning a culture is only available from a position of strength, when you’re playing as the romans to your occupied people. This isn’t available to the pro-life movement, and people who play the transition card invite the question: just who is transitioning who here?

  3. TWS says:

    Who would choose to let crime be legal? Democrats for one are working hard to make many crimes legal or defacto legal by simply not enforcing the law. This is just one crime among many. The only solution I see is something like a King. Because our elected officials are simply not representative of the people. Not even in the republican sense. So absent a king, how do we fix the worst crime in American history sixty six million and counting, children dead. Nothing else comes close.

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