For People Who Wonder Why I Associate With John C. Wright

This is why: My comment and his response from his blog:


Very recently – two days ago, in fact – I finally, after months of planning, began to tell my own story of the return of King Arthur into the modern – or technically, future – world. Right now I am working on a chapter which I am adapting into a short story to submit to the anthology “After Avalon”. It is the tale of Lance, an outlaw who has been either chosen or discovered by Merlin, to take on the role of Lancelot in the re-founding of the Round Table – if he chooses to take up the mantle.

I ramble like this to say that in your tale of old things becoming new, and the return of chivalry and chastity and the wisdom of a time thought by many to be mere legend, the interesting but ultimately false and outdated tales of a long-dead age, I find something that moves me deeply; I am a young man with an old soul. And after reading and being somewhat disappointed by Stephen Lawhead’s novel “Avalon”, this has brought a warm glow to my heart, reminding me of what I loved about the Arthurian legends in the first place. So thank you for this tale, sincerely.

I imagine that both you and I were born out of time. I do not know if I would have made a good knight of the Round Table, though I sincerely hope so; I do, however, believe that I would have made an excellent subject of King Arthur’s. Would that his like were here now…Instead we have to look forward to President Trump or Clinton.

Bah! Humbug!

And Mr. Wright’s response:

My dear friend, the secret is (and this is the greatest secret in the world) that all men are born out of their right time, because the right time for every son of Adam is eternity, the time beyond time. The king we want is Christ, and Arthur is a good king because he reminds us of the Good King.

Science fiction and fantasy fans, boys who read of John Carter on Barsoom and feel more at home there than here, we all know this feeling. Every boy knows he is secretly a magical wizard raised by evil mortals in this mortal world, and belongs at Hogwarts, or in fairyland.

I am not even sure we SFF folk feel this alienation more keenly than muggles do. Some folk talk as if it is a byproduct of modernization, and that farmboys fealt right at home living their whole lives within 25 miles of their place of birth. I doubt it.

Having said all that, some men clearly would have been more at home in another time, among other peoples, or in another world.

I would frankly rather live among Christians, even bad ones, than among the adoring and zealous worshipers of falsehood, lies, self-deception and deception who form America’s postchristian culture.

And this is why, despite many and fairly substantial disagreements, I still like John C. Wright.

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3 Responses to For People Who Wonder Why I Associate With John C. Wright

  1. Chad says:

    John, as far as I can tell, is a man of good will that clings very much to some of the American/modernist heresies. From what I can tell, I doubt he realizes this and I am unsure if he could understand it or, it being too far outside his view point, it would seem as mad raving. That said, I wish the best for him, and believe he has had a harder journey than I to take him to where he currently is.

  2. Cryptid456 says:

    Hi Malcolm,
    I know I haven’t been around in quite some time, but I really enjoyed this. I find it comforting to know that people who have different worldviews can call one another “friend.”

  3. King Richard says:

    Ah, Mr. Wright – such a conflicted man! He recognizes that as a king Arthur (and all kings) are Vicarius Christi and yet would rather die than tip his hat to a king….
    Of course, we are all conflicted as we are all wounded.

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