Just Got Four Books

I had a Barnes and Noble gift card left over from Christmas, but didn’t know if you could use it on used books.

Turns out you can! So I just bought four books:

  • The King Raven trilogy by Stephen Lawhead, a historical re-telling of the Robin Hood legend by the author of the Pendragon Cycle. And in one cover! Awesome.
  • The Mabinogion Tetralogy by Evangeline Walton, also in one cover. I own the public domain version of “The Mabinogion”, the collection of Welsh tales in which the first Arthur stories appear, but I’m afraid that I have something of a weakness when it comes to classic, works. Hopefully this fantasy novel style re-telling will help. It’s got great reviews, anyway.
  • “The Arthurian Encyclopedia” by Norris J. Lacy. Should be useful when writing “The Knights of Avalon”.
  • “Tales From the Dying Earth”, by Jack Vance. Nothing special here. Vance was on my list of must-read sci-fi authors and I found it on Barnes and Noble cheap.

If you count the Mabinogion tetralogy as four books and the King Raven trilogy as three, I just got nine books and had to pay a total of 57 cents out of pocket.

Good deal!

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