It’s the Assassin’s Fault

Imagine that the government passes a law that says white men are allowed to slaughter black men with impunity, and fighting back is grounds for the death penalty. The only rule is that they can’t actually do it themselves, but need to hire a Hispanic hit man.

A man goes on the air and says “If this is illegal, should white men who do this be punished?” And when somebody responds “Yes, duh”, there is outrage followed by a quick condemnation of the Hispanic hit men, since they’re the REAL problem. And, like, society! We can’t possibly ARREST white people for this. It’s not THEIR fault. They don’t know any better. Really, they’re victims too!

Hispanic hit men, however, are the devil and need to die.

And anybody who questions this is a horrible person.

Remind me of anything? No, why you ask?

(Cross-posted and elaborated on from here.)

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