Meanwhile, on Parks and Rec

Ben (Amy Poehler’s husband) and Leslie continue their battle against strawman politicos. Leslie won’t make pies for a candidates’ wives event. So, of course, the evil men claim this means she doesn’t love her children (cleverly sidestepping the perfectly legitimate criticism that her three children’s nanny is so important they literally bribe her with furniture from her house).

Oh, but why are we only asking Leslie about this? It’s almost as if women really are the people who normally take care of children, and they’re the natural people to ask this question.

Or maybe it’s that Ben is the guy running?

Oh, and let’s not forget the MRA’s. Who needs a group to make logical points when you can bash a strawman? Not “Parks and Rec”, that’s who.


On the flip side, I HAVE been cracking up pretty consistently. So hey.

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