Two New Superversive SF Posts

First, “Here’s a Question for All of You”. An excerpt:

So why does “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” look like it’s terrible and “Captain America: Civil War” look like it will be amazing?

I don’t know how either movie ACTUALLY is. “Civil War”, of course, isn’t even out yet. “Batman v. Superman”‘s gotten terrible reviews, but I haven’t seen it and going by comments sections there seems to be a small but notable following of people who loved the movie. So who knows?

I’m just going by the stuff that’s come out pre-movie for each.

And, “Why Man of Steel Was Bad”. An excerpt:

Because Clark Kent’s father told him it was a better idea to let a school bus full of children die than potentially jeopardize his identity as Superman.

Okay, I may have spoiled my conclusion there. But it’s a short article.

Comment wherever you’d like. You get it by now, I’m sure.

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One Response to Two New Superversive SF Posts

  1. TWS says:

    Man of Steel was far too dark and joyless. And no Jonathan Kent would never have told Clark to let children die. Even if it meant his complete identification as an alien. This is what happens when you make a post Christian Superman. Truth, Justice and the American Way are not served by letting children die.

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