By the Way…

Considering Trump’s recent cowardly backtrack on abortion and the vociferous reactions of supposed pro-life groups and activists (once again, like Matt Walsh, who has been on a pathetic roll lately, unfortunately), does anybody still want to argue with me about the utter lack of female accountability vis-a-vis abortion?

Come on. I dare you.

(I recommend Dalrock’s post on the topic.)

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3 Responses to By the Way…

  1. Scholar-at-Arms says:

    Trump’s backtracking was bad. The “pro-life conservatives” who attacked him on this are worse.

  2. TWS says:

    The only woman who should be protected from prosecution for infanticide are actually minor girls forced into it by their parents, usually mothers. I’ve known two girls in that situation, both wanted to keep their babies and both were forced. Apparently it’s only a choice if the girl wants an abortion.

    Both girls were devastated for the rest of their lives. The sickest part of this was that their parents were only concerned about their own embarrassment and reputation. They could give a rat’s ass about their daughters.

    Other than that, all women are just as culpable as any woman who kills her child.

    Having written all this I realize I haven’t read your position. But that wouldn’t change mine. If it was up to me it would be the same as murder one.

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