The Wait is Over!

Happy Easter, all! The self-imposed blogging ban is over! And boy, is there a lot to talk about!


  • Superversive SF made the Sad AND Rabid Puppies lists! Prediction: Rabid Puppies does great, Sad makes next to no dent. Even so, that means we have a great chance at a nomination.
  • “God, Robot” has a cover! And it’s AWESOME! And we’ll probably be the next Castalia release (no, no official date yet)! Here it is:
God Robot_960

Yes, for those who missed this from earlier stories, that is my real name. You can look me up, but you’ll be disappointed.

  • Season 2 of “Daredevil” is out! And I have a LOT to say about it! For starters, expect a Castalia article on vigilantes/superheroes in a couple of weeks or so. Official review will be coming soon. Spoilers: It rocked.
  • Stuff to say about Roosh! Just stuff. It’ll come eventually.
  • A new short story has been written and submitted! The story is titled “The Tale of Lance”, and it takes place in my futuristic King Arthur universe (the first book of which will be titled “The Knights of Avalon”). It is the story of Lance, the leader of an outlaw group, and how he ends up dedicating his life to the re-founding of the Round Table. It has been submitted to the anthology “After Avalon”. I really hope they take this one, so fingers crossed! If not, I’ll try a few other places. If they don’t like it, I’ll submit to Jason. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll put it up free. This is my “test run” for the book, so I want it to get some visibility.
  • A new superhero idea! See, he’s called Paladin, and he’s really Lancelot, who is immortal and wandering the earth for eternity as penance for causing the fall of Camelot, and he has an immortal horse because that’s awesome. And it will take place in Camden, NJ since it’s new for superheroes and I believe the murder capital of the country, so there’s a lot to play with. I mean, I’m not planning on DOING anything with this yet, but it’s a cool idea, right?

And much more!

Once again, have a Blessed Easter. He is risen!

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8 Responses to The Wait is Over!

  1. Chad says:

    I’m excited about the book and glad to hear that you are doing well. May our Lady bless you in all of your endevours

  2. Jeffrey S. says:

    Glad to have you back. Looking forward to your Daredevil review — my two cents, I loved The Punisher, I loved the guest appearance of a season one villain (trying to stay spoiler free in case folks haven’t watched the whole series), but was less enamored with the Electra story arc. I think there is some potential there (I wonder if those villains will be featured in the Iron Fist series?) but thought the story dragged with her plotline. I can’t wait for more Punisher (and more you know who…the guy in prison!)

    • I thought Elodie Yung put on a terrific performance, and there were some strong episodes, but the plot kind of turned into cheese. Still a lot of fun.

      • Jeffrey S. says:

        Ms. Yung was very good, however, I was also annoyed at her ability to fight and defeat male opponents at such a high success rate. I know she is supposed to be ‘special’, but without superpowers, I don’t see her winning regularly against bigger, stronger opponents.

      • Meh, I just said “All right, comic book fighter” and rolled with it.

        Normally it would bother me more, but I’m more or less immune to this sort of thing in comic book world – especially in Elektra’s case, a long-established and popular character. Life’s too short, you know?

  3. Craig N. says:

    Welcome back: I’m looking forward to “God, Robot”

    I suspect you’re right about the Puppies this year: as a Sad, that makes me unhappy … which I guess is kind of appropriate. 😉

    • I mean, it looked as if the vote turnout was low and Kate simply doesn’t have the star power of Larry or Brad.

      Plus, Vox seems to be gearing up to make some big power plays, and that’s going to totally overshadow the Sads. I must admit, I’m pulling for “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” in spite of myself.

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