Last Minute Post

As I write this, it is three minutes before midnight and my self-imposed Lent blogging ban. Let’s go rapid fire! No links; I have no time. Google is your friend.

  • Totally called the New Hampshire result. Trump’s got big momentum.
  • My Harry Potter/Hufflepuff post has actually gotten some buzz after the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day plugged it on his blog, the second of two articles of mine he’s plugged. They like me there.
  • Look out for “God, Robot”! I don’t know how soon it’s going to be but it can’t be too long now.
  • Have a wonderful Lent and a blessed Ash Wednesday. Just remember: You are dust, and to dust you shall return.

As will I. See you in forty days! I’m already a few seconds late.

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1 Response to Last Minute Post

  1. Crude says:

    That was yours? Good going, man. I thought that was interesting, and I care for squat about Harry Potter normally. Have a good Lent.

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