The Deathwater Powerball

You know, I’d like to win the lottery. A cool two million or a little more. Cut half (for the government) and you’re still in the millions. Then I pay off all of the loans and mortgages burdening me any my family and have a good deal left over to figure out how to invest wisely. That would be great.

Like everybody else, I am a human being. I admit freely to having dollar signs in my eyes when it comes to this mega-powerball, which has been creeping steadily further into the billions (apparently somebody just won). But some time today, I got to looking at this from an even more fantastical perspective – what would I do with this money, as if I had any chance to win anyway – and I was suddenly, inexplicably gripped with fear.

What DO you do with this money? Seriously. What? Turn into Bill Gates, who is so rich that he somehow gets admiration and accolades as a great charitable giver despite doing no actual charity work? Become a miser? How do you not spend gratuitously, not have gross indulgences?

I live in a pretty nice house. I think this all occurred to me as I thought of where I would live. I first thought of one of those big, over the top mansions…and then became disgusted. Those types of homes are nice to look at, but the sort of opulence seen in some of the “super homes” goes beyond “a good house” and leaps into “totally insane”.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s possible to live a moral, upright life with billions of dollars, but it must be unbelievably difficult. Christ said it, right? Camels and needles and all of that…

(By the way, the post title comes from the scene in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” where Caspian, Edmund, and crew find an island with a lake that turns everything it touches into gold. Edmund and Caspian are first transfixed, then start fighting over who should get sovereignty over the island. A vision of Aslan appears and snaps them out of it, and they decide, on an impulse, to name the island Deathwater rather than Goldwater. I felt the story appropriate considering the topic of the post.)


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1 Response to The Deathwater Powerball

  1. Chad says:

    If I won money, of any sort, I imagine (and hope) that it would change little. That I would simply pay off my debts, and keep on keeping on. The most I would want to do is buy land and build a house; maybe look at starting the publishing company I’m working on a little differently, not being subject to the whims of the investor as I currently am.

    But, I find joy in my current life and struggles. They are what God gave me, and thus what I need for my own salvation and sanctification. What would I want with more when I’m given the path to eternal blessedness?

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