Two New Superversive SF

I’ve been forgetting to update my Superversive material here. First up is “We Made a List!” Here’s the excerpt:

Jeffro, blogger for Castalia House and he of Appendix N fame, has put Superversive SF at number 6 on his top ten gaming blogs of the year.

The really cool thing here is that he linked to TWO of my articles as reasons why Superversive SF is such a great blog, “Firefly’s Dark Heart of Gold” and “Daredevil is Superversive” (as well as one from colleague Ray Blank). Go check them out at the link!

The second article is “Blast from the Past Story Review: ‘To the Moon'”. It’s just a repost, with a couple of updates, of a review I originally posted here a little over a year ago. An excerpt:

If gaming is ever going to be accepted as a serious art form and not just something for nerds we need more ambitious projects like “To The Moon”. The story took an incredibly original concept and instead of taking it and going off in a cliche direction they took the opportunity to explore the effects of dealing with a loved one who suffers from a mental disorder. And on top of that, they handled their difficult subject matter in an extremely mature way. River was a complex character and her disorder was portrayed realistically, without exaggeration or sugarcoating. The humor and emotion of the game worked together in a pitch-perfect way, and when the emotional beats hit, they hit like sledgehammers. Oh, and by the way, it had the best original soundtrack for a game I’ve ever heard.

And finally, on an unrelated note, I am working on an excerpt of a chapter from my as-yet-untitled Arthurian novel that I will then post online (either here or on Superversive SF).  It is what can be described as the origin story of Lance, notorious outlaw turned fellow searcher for King Arthur. Lance was not originally going to be a major character, but I liked him so much that I think he’s going to have a bigger role to play than initially planned. Expect that soon.

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