The Low Man

I would like to note that Zippy’s long-expressed opinions and theories about liberalism, even of the classical variety have indeed come true. Mr. Wright at one point in the argument literally said to me that I am not man enough to share his opinions, that is: I am an untermensch, less than the free and equal superman that is he. Notice in the thread that he can scarcely go a single paragraph without viciously insulting me.

I did bring up his abysmal conduct in the thread. If Mr. Wright does indeed see my calling out of his behavior as enough to no longer want anything to do with me, that’s his call. But as I thought about it, good a man though he might be, I do not think it is right to let his insults go uncontested. The grace in which he accepts the criticism is entirely up to him.

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3 Responses to The Low Man

  1. Zippy says:

    Every time someone proposes that classical liberalism and modern liberalism are fundamentally different, rather than just the same basic political commitments with a different tactical approach, a classical liberal shows up to prove him wrong.

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