My Literature Wish List

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5 Responses to My Literature Wish List

  1. I’m pleased to see Stephen Lawhead at the top of the list. His books have been on special now and again on the Kindle store, so I’m glad you picked up Grail 🙂 Personally, I think Lawhead is an often overlooked author. My favorite author, Brent Weeks, cites him as a primary influence.

    I read Tales of the Dying Earth last year. It’s become one of my favorite works. It has the same limitless imagination which makes Silver Age comic books so great.

    • Nice to see you again!

      So far I’ve loved his Pendragon series. Supposedly “Pendragon” and “Grail” are inferior, but I’m hoping that that impression is just because people read part 3 of “Arthur” first. I’m taking Lawhead’s advice and reading “Pendragon” and “Grail before part 3 of “Arthur”.

  2. Cane Caldo says:

    Lawhead is really great. “Transporting” is the word. When I was eleven or twelve someone lent me Dream Thief and the Empyrion books. After that I bought the Dragon King books, and about that time Taliesin was released. Arthurian reign sprung from Greek tragedy? Be wary of those tall, graceful, magical elves Atlanteans, Britons!

    I still recall how incensed I was when Merlin finds his wife and child.

    But it is The Song of Albion Cycle which I hold dearest. I long to walk into a wizened shop of oddities, be served a beer, an discover secret knowledge of unknown worlds. You compared Lawhead to G.R.R. Martin… Now that you say that: Lawhead prefigured himself and Martin in this series.

    Byzantium is marvelous.

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