Missing the Point

Reading reviews of Jessica Jones is really aggravating me. The truth is that “Jessica Jones” is a good show because it’s not a feminist show. With a couple of exceptions, we’re seeing characters live their lives. Whether it shows us a complex lesbian relationship, interracial sex (“Jessica Jones” just loves having Jess and Luke go at it like rabbits), or super-strong ladies, it works because that’s not what the show is about. It’s about a mind-controlling villain named Kilgrave and the superhero/PI who’s trying to stop him. Everything else is action based around the characters, but it doesn’t seem like it’s inserted to make a point.

So I’m complimenting the show. So far, at least, it’s had every opportunity to go full-on SJW and I don’t think it has, even if I think the lesbian drama is unnecessary and we don’t need to see every detail of Luke and Jess boning.

Other notes (With spoilers):

  • Come on, did anybody not know Malcolm was the photographer? Who else could it be?
  • Kilgrave’s weakness is…anesthesia? Not for nothing, but that’s everybody’s weakness. It’s like saying his weakness is a bullet in the head, or poison. It’s not that helpful.
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7 Responses to Missing the Point

  1. Syllabus says:

    The truth is that “Jessica Jones” is a good show because it’s not a feminist show.

    Like, eg, how all the krav maga training in the world doesn’t make Patsy stronger or a better fighter than a cop with similar training.

  2. Syllabus says:

    Also: am I alone in thinking that Trish is a really, really, REALLY effing annoying character, rather than the likable friend?

    • They’re doing it, aren’t they? The “You can’t kill him” trope. Hope asking her to kill him pretty much clinched that.

      Aggggggggh, the WORST TROPE EVER.

      Anyway, Trish. I can take her or leave her. Simpson though, that made zero sense.

    • Finally finished. Episodes ten and eleven were incredibly stupid, ten especially, but 12 and 13 were good – not as good as the best episodes in the middle, though.

      Kilgrave’s death was extremely satisfying, but I’m a little sad we won’t be seeing any more of David Tennant’s brilliant performance. Absolutely stunning.

      Overall, I enjoyed it, even when it got stupid near the end. “Daredevil” is definitely better, but that’s a high bar. That it can’t live up to it is nothing to be ashamed of.

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