And Continuing With Parks and Rec

I’ve made it through episode 13 of season 2. I promise that my next update won’t be until I at least finish the season.

So far the show is still…pretty good, I guess. Funny. You’re all right, Nick Offerman is indeed the best. The extreme feminism/leftism of the show grinds on me very quickly. I’m not sure why the scene at the end of “Hunting Trip”, where Amy realizes that the park ranger is sexist and starts playing off of stereotypes of women to sell her story, annoyed me while “Office” episodes like “Women’s Appreciation Day” and “Sexual Harassment” crack me up, but there you go. I think that the satire in “The Office” is just one more on point. I mean, come on, compare this line:

[Leslie realizes that the policeman is sexist and she can use this to make him believe her story that she shot Ron]

LESLIE: Just thinking with my lady parts…My bra opens from the front and it threw off my aim…I’m just really emotional right now!

et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum.

…And compare it with this line, from “The Office”. Jan is having a “women in the workplace” meeting with the ladies of “The Office” [this scene is paraphrased, but there’s the gist of it:

JAN: And one thing we’ll discuss is the use of sports metaphors. I know it sounds kind of silly, but a lot of women feel uncomfortable about using these…let’s see…”batting 1000″ means that you’re doing an excellent job, it’s a baseball metaphor. “Calling an audible” means you’re making a change mid-project, and refers to an action from football. And if your work is “above par” it means that you’re doing a fine, above average job…

[Stops, looks confused]

Hold on, that can’t be right – that doesn’t actually make any sense.

The style of humor is much more dry, but the satire – extended upon later when Michael holds his “men in the workplace” meeting later and finds a woman there – is much more clever, going beyond simple “men are sexist” jokes and making subtle commentary about corporate culture and office dynamics. “Parks and Rec” just goes for cheap shots. And this isn’t isolated – they do stuff like this all the time.

And I know it’s somewhat unfair that I’m comparing it to a show that is considered by many to have had one of the best seasons of a sitcom ever (season 2) and one of the best episodes of a sitcom ever (“Dinner Party”), but them’s the breaks. The shows are too similar in style – both being mockumentary style workplace comedies – for me not to look at them as two of a kind. And as funny as “Parks and Rec” can be – and I intend to keep watching it – it’s just not as good.

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2 Responses to And Continuing With Parks and Rec

  1. Drew says:

    It definitely doesn’t aim for the same level of realism. I think it’s more fun, though, and the character more likeable. One thing you’ll notice is that basically none of the characters is ever hateful to any of the others.

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