The Nazis Weren’t Really Murderers

They didn’t think Jews were fully human! We should pity them.

And once again, we’re back to bending over backwards to try and lessen the guilt of mothers who kill their children. But boyfriend made me do it!

And no, I don’t think hubby threatening to leave and never come back, or boyfriend threatening to call the police (because apparently women are morons who don’t realize the police can’t force you to have a surgical procedure), is enough excuse to call the spade a victim.

A child is dead, because of you. Nothing else matters here.

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7 Responses to The Nazis Weren’t Really Murderers

  1. Svar says:

    I say that they weren’t murderers for the same reason executionists aren’t.

    • So do you make any specific moral distinction with Nazis?

      • Svar says:

        What I’m saying is I agree with your general point but that the Jews provoked a backlash due to their treachery and overall poor behavior like they have throughout the centuries.

        On the other hand, an unborn child on the other hand is completely innocent.

        The Nazis were immoral in general for lots of reasons, but the way they went after the Jews is basically the trash taking out the trash.

      • Yeah, this comment is utterly disconnected from reality.

        New rule: No defending the Nazi concentration and death camps.

  2. Chad says:

    That’s one of the more absurd lines of reasoning I’ve seen on the subject

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