More Parks and Rec

Finished episode 3 of season 2 (skipped season 1). Aside from the occasional laugh, I don’t get it.

Episode 2, if you remember, was the gay penguins episode, and while there were a few funny moments, it basically sucked. Well, in episode 3, Leslie judges a beauty pageant! And is also a feminist.

You can just see the reviews: “Parks and Rec brilliantly parodies our patriarchal culture that judges women more for their breasts than their brains…”

Yeah, while not as bad as the gay penguins episode, this was just more of “Let’s set up a straw man then play with that for a bit”. All of the men refer to Trish as “The hot one”, because Men Are Pigs. Trish is a slutty slut whose talent is being slutty. Susan is not a slut and is talented, but the evil patriarchy won’t let her win, despite brave Leslie The Feminist fighting for her. It’s all very eye-roll worthy, very tired stuff, and the social commentary is just about as milquetoast as you can get.

Once again, contrasted with the best seasons of “The Office” I don’t even see a competition.

I will forge onward, though I have little hope for this next episode. A sex scandal is uncovered. What are the odds that this is going to turn into a sermon on patriarchy and sexism?

Yeah, I said 100% too.

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