New Superversive SF Post: Just Finished “Taliesin”

To whoever it was who recommended Lawhead’s Pendragon series to me, thank you. “Taliesin” was brilliant. My review is here. An excerpt:

“Taliesin” is basically the anti-“Song of Ice and Fire”. Throughout the book the characters keep talking about a great coming darkness, but one that will be followed by a brilliant light. It was probably three quarters of the way through the book, when it hit me that they might as well be saying “Winter is coming”. Just to punctuate this further, Taliesin refers to the coming light (presumably the reign of Arthur) as the “Kingdom of Summer”.

Martin claims to be presenting a “realistic” portrayal of what life was like in the middle ages, but Lawhead, who is also known as a writer of alternate history, gets just as dark as Martin does, and is probably more historically accurate than Martin’s fantasy world. Yet here’s Lawhead, promising not only winter, but a coming summer along with it.

Comment here, there, or whatever you like. And read the book, it’s brilliant.

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